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We Have An App!

100% Coverage

100% coverage on your dental, orthodontics, drugs, medical and vision expenses and lots more.

Save Money

Instead of paying for these expenses with personal money, you can save taxes and the expense is ultimately paid by the company.

Save Benefits

Works with a current benefit plan if you want it to, we’ll show you how.

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Works for companies with just one employee (you), or several employees.

It’s Simple

If you aren’t using a health spending account you are wasting money, its simple to use, ask us how.

Need Help?

Email us and we can help you figure out how a Health Spending Account can help you save taxes.

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Using the APP on your phone saves time!

When you have a paper based system we know that several eligible claims aren’t processed each year because people forgot to do them, or lose their receipts, etc. With our smartphone app you can take a picture of the receipt the moment you get it, enter a few pieces of information in the app and its done.

Hence, You save time and will save money!

123 FAQ's

Why Should I use a Health Spending Account?

The answer is simple, if you aren’t using a health spending account, you are throwing money away!

Does it cost anything to setup a 123 Health Spending Account?

No, there are no setup fees, ever!

What receipt do I take a picture of?

You need to take a picture of the medical receipt, not your credit card receipt or statement, it needs to be the actual receipt from the pharmacy, dentist, chiropractor, etc.

What do I do with my receipts?

Because you are taking a picture of your medical receipt and sending it to us electronically you should keep your original receipts for 7 years.


Our lightning fast claims submission process makes reimbursement happen within hours, not weeks. We don’t rely on mailing reimbursement forms and cashing cheques. To make it happen you can either use our website or our most popular method, our mobile App for Apple and Android. Our software is connected directly to a major financial institution and uses EFT transfers which make waiting to be reimbursed a thing of the past. No more waiting and no more paper – Simple!

Save Time – Save Money

Our software is simple! If it isn’t simple to us then how can it be simple for you? Basically, if you can take a picture on your iPhone, Android or tablet you will know how to submit a claim. That’s all there is to it! The only thing added to our software are good ideas received from clients that would help make it better than it is now.